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About us

Fire safety laboratory

We use fire safety tests to determine and evaluate the reactions of products to fire and to classify materials and components according to the requirements of the EN 45545-2 standard. We cooperate on research and development of new more fire-resistant materials for railways. We perform a comprehensive evaluation of the properties of materials and their suitability for use in transportation technology.

Laboratory of physical-mechanical tests

The tests performed include, in particular, tests of resistance to the action of chemical substances, tests of cleaning according to the requirements of, for example, BN, tests of resistance to surface treatments. We also test by non-destructive methods (NDT), microscopy, ultrasound and more.

Selection of our customers

Škoda Transportation Siemens VŠB TU Pars komponenty Retex Vagonka Interiors Advantech Röchling BASF Stadler Gerflor.cz Savea

We are certify laboratory specializing in safety tests of rail vehicles and public transports vehinces according to the requirements of standrard EN 45545. We make comprehensive evaluation of the properties of materials and there suitability for use in transport technology including assessments and statements of conformity.

CZ testing institute s.r.o.

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